My Top Ten Games of 2014!

10. inFamous: Second Son.

A fantastic return to the series, as people may know I wasn’t a huge fan of the 2nd game. This however brings a very welcoming come back, with new powers and a faster gameplay. Interesting story, and a gritty setting! It definitely pleases in the right places.

The main reason I love this game is the controls, and the use of the touch pad. It works well with the game, and it’s a nice fast experience! It has a nice story that keeps you going, a lot of collectables, and the powers are just so amazing to use! The DLC is also pretty sweet too!


9. The Crew. 

If you’ve been looking for that one racer, that is like the original Need for Speed :Most Wanted! Then you’re in for a treat. This game has it all, the races, the events, the customizations, the content, the cops, the speed! It even has Online (well, it is an MMO) It’s fantastic,, it plays great, it feels great, it looks outstanding, and the music is pretty decent too!

It’s pushing it a little far, but to me it is that racer we’ve been looking for. I do love Forza but that feels more fun in it’s own way. This just has that NFS feel we’ve been wanting since Most Wanted! Well to me it has. I really enjoy the cruising around on this, the map is huge! NO, REALLY! It’s quite huge and will take you some time exploring!


8. Titanfall

Ever wanted to have fast paced action, amazing fps, giant mechs, and fast paced free running? Well here is your chance! This game delivers exactly that! Fantastic combat whilst keeping the fps formular simple!

I love the different guns, my favourite is by far the C.A.R SMG. Such a well balanced gun, but then again the over all game is pretty well balanced. I do wish they would add more Titan’s to the game! That would be a nice plus, other than that the game is pretty solid, and there is a lot of game modes to choose from!


7. Fantasy Life

A very underrated game I thought, seems to not be getting the attention it deserves! It merges a play style (Isay that loosely) of Animal Crossing. In the terms of doing what you want.

That’s essentially it, you choose your life out of the many classes, and go on adventures, hook up online, or just settle down and go with the flow, doing whatever is the key! It’s a nice little gem that people need to pick up on. The graphics and Music is really nicely done too!


6. Shovel Knight

Fantastic game! Ever wanted that old retro looking game but still boasting it’s own unique gameplay, whilst paying homage to some of your faves? Well, here you go welcome to the Shovel wielding hero who you’ll certainly fall in love with!

Got some nice thought out stages, as well as some nice challenging bosses! with their own unique characteristics. Some really nice mechanics that flows well with the game!


5. Theatrhythm: Curtain Call

I adore the first game so much I hold it as one of my favourites, this has certainly followed in its steps! With new music, and characters it’s a really fun Music Rhythm game, and certainly should be in everyones 3DS collection!

It’s filled with so much more content as well as a nice online versus mode! Of course more DLC which don’t only add Final Fantasy music but from other Square Enix titles also!


4. Dark Souls 2

Where can I start with this one… If you want a mysterious lore, gritty atmosphere, and fantastic and hard batles then this is for you. Prepare to Die again! Rightfully so, it’s such a great experience. Now I love the gameplay a lot more than the first ghame, as it feels a lot more polished. I did enjoy the story in the first game a lot more, but Dark Souls has become that game I enjoy beating… ALOT!

It’s just so fun, especicially when it comes to helping friends out in co-op. The DLC was pretty fun too! Adding a lot more to the lore, and a lot more items, enemies, and atmosphere! It’s truly a phenomenal experience and I urge anyone to at least give it a go! Confidence is the key to making it through such a dangerous journey!


3. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Now everyone shouldn’t be surprised with me adding this in! (Blah, blah, blah… it’s a demo waaah) No it’s not. Yes it can be completed in a few minutes with practice and precision. But for unlocking and collecting, as well as playing all the other missions on the disc, it has some nice meaty length to it.

The new controls work amazing well, and the new slow mo is a nice addition giving you a chance to take out, you miss well obviously you get caught. The story for what is there is really interesting and compelling for any MGS fan! It’s also pretty cheap now, as well as on PC! Which looks evern more prettier.


2. Super Smash Bros U.

All I want to say is, welcome back Smash Bros! WELCOME BACK!!!

But that would be a little silly (well, to others) It has finally come back to what it was once known as! a fast paced brawler, boasting some new characters, beautiful looking stages, and a hole host of content!

I do however wish they added other characters, instead of some of the new ones… but hey beggars can’t be choosers. Also, they could always add them as DLC. Like, have a pack that comes out every whatever for either free or a cheap price that adds characters, and stages as well as others!

The visuals really look stunning on this, the controls are a little weird but can be swapped so not a huge issue, it’s a lot faster and more fluid now (Unlike BRAWL) and the game is colourful, and the music is fantastic! GRAB IT!


1. Sunset Overdrive

Want an off the rails game, with a load of puns threw in. A huge vivid and colourful sandbox world, with some nice music to accompany you on your mayhem? Then go and buy this game!

The guns are crazy, the gameplay is hectic and fun, lots of customization, and the story is hilarious with a cast of crazy characters! AND! a whole bunch of enemies! It’s just sooo fun, think of a Tony Hawks game, with a dash of Jet Set Radio (Just a dash) and some inFamous thrown in all mixed and blended and it came out with this, and made the most fun and crazy sandbox type game in a while! Also, the online multiplayer is such a fun, and crazy experience that’s well worth trying out!


—————————————-Honourable Mentions————————————


1. Halo: Master Chief Collection.

Now the only reason that I didn’t include this in my top ten, is because it is a Remake (Remaster, whatever) It’s a fantastic collection of games, with ODST coming soon, and Hopefully Reach and maybe Wars making a show! They made Halo 1, 3, and 4 a lot more solid and stable compared to their 360 counterparts. Like better framrate and more stability in controls! especially Halo 1 with the quick switch between remastered and Classic. But Halo 2 is where it shines! Graphics are wonderful! The sound is rich, and the cutscenes give it that much more of a sci-fi feel! it’s outstanding!

The bad thing is the match making has struggled badly at launch, it has however had some fixes that have made it a little more stable, but it needs more! I hope it adds more of the playlists soon, as well as get it working to 100% percent!

Halo 5 Beta is pretty cool too! The new maps are nice, and the gameplay, mechanics are pretty solid!


2. Pokémon: Omega Ruby.

Again this is a remake, so again it’s not included in the top ten. It really does welcom you back to gen 3 with open arms, the looks is so outstanding as it’s rebuilt in the X/Y engine! It looks so much more appealing, whilst keeping the same appeal the original did! I love the new additions it has added to, which really do enhance the experience even more! If you loved the original, You will love this so much more.

The one thing the do need to add properly to these games, is proper 3D! Not just for battles, also better fps whilst in 3D.


3. Forza Horizon 2

This would have been in my top ten, it’s an awesome game in it’s own right, It has amazing control, visuals and music. It’s pretty fun overall and really well rounded as far as races go. But, I felt I had more fun playing on The Crew, it’s just the racer I’ve been looking for! This is a different experience and it’s fantastic in it’s own right, with lots to do!


4. CoD: Advance Warfare.

This one is a strange one for me as I don’t usually add CoD into my lists, but this one was a really fun experience! With a fresh updated engine, new mechanics, and finally an interesting storyline to go with it. It’s certainly worthy of owning!

I really like the new controls, yeah they feel the same. Those boost abilities really add a new flavour to the pot, which I think is very welcoming! It makes the action feel more fast paced!


5. Mario Kart 8

This game, this game… Is FANTASTIC. Another game that’s welcomed back in the series, and about time too!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Wii version or 7 for that matter, it’s not that they where terrible, it just felt they lost their charm a little… (Rubber banding was never fun!) But when 8 got announced, I was excited! I couldn’t wait.

The time came, it arrived in the mail, I tore the wrapping off and inside my Wii U it went! It didn’t come out for days, I unlocked everything, and got the stars, tracks, modes, and characters from none stop playing. This is one of those games, that you must haver in your Wii U collection, and if you ain’t got a Wii U, THEN GET ONE! I also, need to hop on that there DLC.


Ever wanted to play Dark Souls 2 in First Person?

Dark Souls

Welcome all Dark Souls enthusiasts, the day has finally come where someone, somewhere has finally made the exact mod we all wanted to try.

Benzoin-Gum shows the amazing mod in action, and how immersive in my opinion it will be. Now this mod is only early stages, and will have some issues. It does show a lot of potential! Especially for an early mod.

Donned as the “King’s Field” mod and for good reason too, but do you remember the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition First Person Mode? It was cool, and interesting! but worked horribly at the same time. Here’s VaatiVidya’s take on it.

These are the known issues:

  • There is a few clipping issues
  • FoV seems a little off but with a little tweak can be “fixed”
  • Because this essentially uses the cheat engine, it’s a use at your own risk mod (Could risk a ban) But as far as I, and people have known that is a worst case scenario. It likely won’t happen anytime soon…
  • Character movement is not 100% aligned, nothing hugely major but moving forward seems to be the best bet.
  • Using things like the bow, and of course the binoculars are known to cause issues.
  • Cutscenes, and loading screens also may cause issues, but simply rerun the mod, and job is a good ‘en.
  • May or may not work with Windows 8

So far pretty exciting, and I look forward to how this comes together in the future (In terms of issues and bug fixes). This is why I love the modding community, bringing us content that the developers don’t. (Not that that’s a bad thing, it gets peoples creative juices flowing).


I wasn’t that amazed when this first got announced. I was rather let down but I didn’t take it as a canon game in the first place. I’m not a huge fan at all of the Dynasty warriors series, but I do love me some Legend of Zelda goodness, and this oozes with it. Welcome to the land of Hyrule, but not as you know it! The land has become corrupt by the evil Ganondorf, along with his minions. Get ready for a fantastic experience, from the merged awesomeness by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo


The main gameplay of this game is Dynasty Warriors but yet it feels a lot different, this could be the Zelda Fan inside me ignoring the fact that it is or it does have a different feel to it. You start off in Hyrule Field, and within this zone starts of the very basic tutorial and setting of what’s to come. It’s easy enough to get to grips with, and if you’ve played a Zelda game before you already know what the items and stuff do.

The game boasts a few different modes, as well as different difficulties to test your skill. There is Legend mode which is the main story scenario for this game. Free mode which lets you play as any character you may have unlocked, in any zone. Adventure mode which is essentially the first game released on NES with a twist. Challenge mode which gives a different interesting take on battles.


Each zone is different, whilst keeping the core gameplay mechanic, it does however give you different objectives. I love how each zone looks different, and also the music is a remix version from each of the different games it portrays. I especially love how it uses different inspirations from different games within the Zelda franchise rather than sticking to one.

I do enjoy the boss battles and how they are utilized, Using the right item to stun them, and combo their stun bar down to unleash a huge heavy attack on them dealing massive damage.

I do find the different combos you can do with each character are very interesting, and that they’re all different. Especially the feel of them, it’s not just a copy and paste. They have their own moves and combos catered especially for each character which keeps the game fresh, and more enjoyable.


For each character it has a nice customization menu which can be accessed through Bazaar. There is the Badge Market which you can unlock different badges for Attack, Defense and Assist. Which unlocks different combos, Resists, boosts, amongst other things.

There is a training dojo, where if you feel like one of your characters is lacking behind in levels… You can actually boost said character to a comfortable level of your choosing as long as you have the required Rupees.

Apothecary which let’s you create different drink mixtures from the different gathered material you have, and depend on what you make will have a different effect on you, and maybe the outcome of your battle. It could earn you more rupees, more material or even give you more speed.


The final one Smithy, which lets you merge different weapons that has a different stat to another to increase different elemental damage, strengths and speed. You can also assign Rupee, and material gathering also.

The music melds well with the game, it takes music from each game, and mixes them with a fantastic beat that fits well with this style of game. I wish this had a soundtrack that came with the game or hopefully one that’s purchasable in the future, as it’s a pretty solid soundtrack!


The main campaign isn’t hugely long, but does have a very decent length to it. It also depends on how you play it, are you running through it? or are you trying to collect everything? It does have a lot of replay value within each of its different modes. So if you enjoy the game, I can see it becoming addictive which would lead to countless hours of solid gameplay. It also has plenty of unlockables too, so for a completionist it’s a welcomed perk.

It’s a great game that has many different features, many unlockable characters amongst other things. I was hugely impressed by it. It definitely caters for Zelda fans, as well as keeping the Dynasty Warriors theme! I will say you don’t have to be into Dynasty Warriors to enjoy the game to it’s fullest, as it’s oozing with all the Zelda goodness you could expect. That being said, this game could peak your interest in trying out the Warriors series, and pull you into them! Guess you’ll have to find that out. A mash up done right! I’d say it’s definitely worth picking up, it’s worth the purchase but if you’re still unsure I’d say give it a rent or if you know someone who has it go check it out! I’d have to give it a 7.5/10 for creativity.


The one huge thing that disappointed me was NO online co-op… I mean come on, this game would have worked perfectly with another friend. Slaying through enemies, increased difficulty, and capturing each base. Maybe some bonus rewards too, but sadly no… They left is as offline co-op. Maybe someday “wishful thinking here” They could release a patch at least. That being said I am however a little disappointed in a few other things. I wish there was maybe a boss rush mode, seeing how long I could last fighting each boss one after the other. I wish there where more stages as the villians, rather than a set few. But this all could be potential DLC which we will have to wait and see.


You start off in black and white. With only two locations to move, Left or Right. As you choose the world will open up and the graphics will change, and the further you explore the more you unlock. Welcome to Evoland, an indie developed title by Shiro Games. It’s a wonderful game that pays homage to the likes of: The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Diablo, and many many more!

It has a lot of references, as well as inside jokes all whilst keeping a familiar and fresh look all at the same time! It’s a true delight playing through, with a lot to unlock, and explore along with a nice decent story to flow well with the whole game. so, i’d like to delve a little further into the game mechanics,  as well as story and music.


As stated earlier you start of on one screen, you are given two choices! either is for the player to decide there is no right or wrong. There will be two chests, the chest contains new features that unlock and change the shape of the game. The further you progress the more the game changes, and becomes more complete. It literally pays homage to games from across Adventure games, and RPG’s alike. The graphics upgrade from 8 bit, 16 bit and so forth, along with textures, music and actual gameplay mechanics! The battle system in the beginning is a lot like Zelda, as you progress through by collecting chests. The game play will not only add a new mechanic but also change in certain areas, and feel a lot like Final Fantasy or even Dragon Quest. There is even a part or few parts that feel a lot like Diablo too! Yes, it does have loot! Gold, armour, accessories as well as health, all in the Diablo style which is really nice. That’s what is pretty sweet it pays true homage to individual titles it’s inspired from. The battle system really does feel like Zelda, Final Fantasy and Diablo! Not only does it have the look it truly has the feel along side it! The dungeons also had a great top down Zelda style to them also.

Area locations are very well laid out, gives of a very nice and traditional RPG/Adventure style! The towns are also frsh but have a very familiar style to them, along with certain NPCs it’s fantastic. The inside jokes are a very nice touch, as well as the NPC names too! I particularly like one of the main towns and home to one of the characters you meet through out the game! It has huge vibes of the games it’s drawn inspiration from, and the music is a very nice addition to it also.

The music is fantastic, and utilises the different era’s perfectly well. The sound effects are pretty good from killing enemies, and obtaining items, and levels. Although not a hugely memorable soundtrack, it does fit perfectly well with the game. Yes… It does contain an annoying near death noise too, and yes it was very annoying lol!


The story is about a kid, his name you unlock later in the game upon meeting a certain character in game. Your main objective up till that point is to go to the main town of the certain characters, upon entering the town you learn about the evil that’s about to other throw the world! It’s basically a typical RPG/Action game story line but all done in good fun, and obviously nostalgia/homage to previous games residing in those genres. I rather enjoyed the story, it was a nice pace. Nothing was done remotely over the top, flowed well with the game once you unlocked that feature. I also love the inspiration they used for characters names, the look of each character too!

I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough of it, and I’m thinking of going through it again at some point. I actually adored the game, and got quite addicted to it too. If you’re interested in checking it out head over to Steam, it was on sale not too long ago for £1.74, but to be perfectly honest, I would of actually paid full price for this too. I did indeed think it was that great, and definitely would recommend it to anyone! For that price it is hard to say no. Before I leave I do want to say, don’t take it as a fully fledged game. play it for what it is, a nicely put together indie game that pays homage to the games, and genres it’s inspired from!


So that all being said it’s a really fantastic RPG/Action adventure game, it’s not something that’s going to blow you away as much as other games in those genres would but it definitely has it’s charm, and certainly has it’s moments that really shine through. The downfall of it being too short, and much more for a bit of improvement! But that’s where the sequel will come into play. The most interesting aspect of the game is the way it changes in a lot of ways, makes it truly unique, and really enjoyable. Melded well with great music, solid gameplay, and charming graphics. As well as a nice story to flow you along with it! A nice creative indie game that deserves to be checked out!

Also keep your eyes peeled as of September it was announced by Shiro Games, that they’ll be working on a sequel Evoland 2!

P.T. Demo thoughts and reveal

Hello there fellow hoomans! I’ve played through the nice little Preview Teaser of “Silent Hills” I will admit first, I did not finish it as I’m still stuck on the final puzzle!

So, thoughts. At first glance it doesn’t seem that bad, as it begins you find yourself in a room. Alone. as you wander through you find a door that will appear to be open, your only natural reaction is to continue through this door! You will then find yourself back where you started! Or is it?

As you progress through further and further it throws at you various puzzles, and a deep eery creep factor! I will admit some games do have a slight jump factor, this however seemed to scare quite a lot haha (after all that’s its intention).

Now, I don’t want to fully go into what is what, and what is which!  I feel like you should experience this for yourself. I enjoyed what I played.

Now I found the puzzles very clever and thought out, the whole point of a puzzle is to make you work to solve it! Not an easy weak puzzle that lasts two seconds, and this fits in SH’s universe perfectly. Also Kojimas intention was to see how long it would take people to solve. Some people solved them right away, some people however (like myself) struggled on the last puzzle.

Is the last puzzle frustrating? To me no it wasn’t. I like a good puzzle, not some stupidly easy puzzle that holds your hand. but then again that is me, and that is my opinion on it!

Others have felt frustration on it, and I can probably understand why. They don’t like going through it time, and time again. They want to be out of there, they’ve had enough of the scares, or they are pressed for time, and that can build frustration.

Me? I like to take things slow, and absorb information. Take everything into account! You’re not stupid for taking awhile on a puzzle, you’re just observing the situation and tackling it your way! I will say this however, welcome back Silent Hill! You’ve been sadly missed.

The most impressive thing about this Demo, was how it was released. Silently announcing (no pun intended) “Silent Hills” The game was also downgraded a lot too, the fox engine is very impressive. He had to downscale, and add filters to the game as well as purposely run it at 30fps, and also downgrade the gameplay too! He also used a random background picture, a nice little hint for the studio name, and P.T as it’s title, he wanted people to think it was an indie developed game. Dedication!

I can’t wait for the full release of this, especially since the Silent Hill series has been subpar for me since the 4th game (Not played Downpour yet). I did however enjoy Origins, that was a great game.

Silent Hill has needed a fresh take on it, and what better way than to have Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro working on it, and grabbing Norman Reedus as it’s star! Also to be stated, Kojima ain’t gunna be holding back on this either, he wants you to “shit your pants” Be warned. Go grab the DEMO now, it’s on PS4.

Go check out Kojima’s Q&A on P.T. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed me rambling on.

Ramuh is coming to Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv ramuh concept


News sweeps the land of Eorzea, The lord of levin and arbiter of destruction is heading his way in FFXIV‘s latest patch. Exciting news and even more content from Square-Enix!

Other additional content are:

  • 3 New dungeons: Hullbreaker Isle, Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard mode) & Stone Vigil (Hard mode)
  • New feature: Item Desynthesis, a new feature that allows players to break down their unwanted and needed items. Allowing them to turn it into crafting materials.
  • New system: Daily hunts.
  • Continuation of the Zodiac weapons questline.

I’m looking forward to see how these new dungeons play out, and I wonder how they will differ from Normal Mode. I’m also really looking forward to checking the new Dungeon out and seeing if it has new surprises.

The daily hunts are really getting me interested, and I look forward to seeing more on this. Are they going to be some sort of continuation on the Hunters log? as the title states ‘Daily’ So could we be hunting some specific enemies from certain duties? It’d be nice to have something like that, like go fight Diabolos and get some Gil, Grand Company Seals or EXP depending on level.

The new feature is quite nice for those with unwanted items, and are wanting to turn it into ssome nice crafting materials. Me, myself still needs to delve into crafting more. For those who are deep into this, and are just getting unwanted stuff from dungeons runs can in turn, break it down and get more from it.

Now the Zodiac weapons, I’m currently in the midst of myself. I have got my Atma weapon, which was a huge grind but I did it. I’m onto my Animus weapon, which is also a grind… Grabbing Myth tombs to buy books to unlock a stat is quite time consuming. Not only do you have to grind dungeons over and over to actually get the tombs, but once you get the actual book you have to do more FATES, Leve Quests and dungeon runs as well as fighting random enemies in specific spots. So, I’d like to see some more of a balance to this and I’m somewhat frightened/excited to see how this will be extended after Animus.

The main thing that has me excited about this whole patch is Ramuh, one of my fave summons from Final Fantasy VII, he’s also in other titles such as FFIII, IV, V, VI & IX. I think he also appears in Final Fantasy XI? I’m not sure as I have not had a lot of experience with that one and didn’t really take to it. I look forward to see how his role as a Primal fits into FFXIV. I look forward to the whole strategy he has behind him, the story he brings to the fray as well as seeing an awesome battle. The thing I look forward to most is the AoE’s (Area of Effect) and his off hand attacks as well as his main cast which I can only assume is Judgement Bolt.

That being said another awesome addition to FFXIV and yet more amazing content for an awesome MMORPG. I look forward to future patch’s. More Primals, more quests and more dungeons. I also look forward to an expansion and a raise in the level cap!



Final Fantasy Type-0 English patch coming soon!

Yes my fellow Final Fantasy fans out there, believe it or not but we are getting extremely closer to the release of the English patch. It’s currently in it’s beta phase at this present moment, and almost complete too! The latest update was posted on the 15th of February:

  • Project’s State
  • RomHacking: 100%
  • Graphic translation: 96%
  • Story script: 100%
  • Secondary text: 100%
  • Videos: 25%

The project started some time ago by a 23 year old college student, who goes by the name of SkyBladeCloud or simply “Sky”. He has been painstakingly working on this patch for quite some time now, and has almost reached completion.

He’s currently going through a whole stress test, completing the game multiple times and checking over every error. So that goes for translating mistakes, coding errors and stability overall of the game.

Another nice bit of news, was PPSSPP has updated their PSPemu. It now can run games over the limit of it’s initial 2gb file size. FF Type-0 goes over that limit at a 2.39gb! For those of you wanting to run it on your PSP/PSPgo, please make sure you have an updated CFW & It’s running Inferno.

He has released a pretty basic tutorial on his blog on how to merge the two ISO’s as one (Game will have to be either imported or got by other means or you simply check out his blog).

Tools you’ll need:

In order to create the unified ISO, you’ll need:

  • Type-0 UMD (choose one of them: This means either UMD1 or 2 as the game comes on two UMD’s).
  • Type-0 Merging Files.
  • UMDGen.

How to merge the files can be located here, on sky’s blog.

And now after all that is done it’s time to play the waiting game. Which should be right round the corner! Couple of weeks or even a few months, I’ll keep you all updated. But I cans say personally I’m very excited about this release, not only have I been wanting to play this game with huge anticipation but I also adore the music of this game, It’s really beautiful. I recommend people to check out it’s wonderful soundtrack on wherever you can find it, personally I’ve listened to it on YouTube.

A big well done to Sky for his wonderful work and all the people involved in this project, you’ve certainly made fans extremely excited about this