Sonic Generations 3DS Review

So let’s get into it i’ve been playing this for about for about a week, I have beat all stages, apart from the final boss but we will get into that.

Graphics: They are really well done, using the 3DS feature is a really nice touch. Everything from speed, enemies firing at you, to getting hit and seeing your rings bounce around. Truly humbling. The game is full of awesome design, on both classic and modern sonic! Especially on modern sonic when you go through a shuttle loop, the way it changes it’s outstanding!

Boasting new level designs and new stages, which i found really unique, and fresh. I’ve played this game all the way through with the 3D effect, it’s just awesome.

Sound: Amazing music, they way in transitions between each is truly bliss (Come on, nearly every sonic has a wonderful sound).

With tracks from earlier sonic games to later ones, comes out really well with the 3DS’s sound output. From the beautiful music, too the glistening sound effects. Truly fantastic! especially the satisfying “pop” sound the enemies make, is quite enjoyable.

Controls: they are for the most part pretty great, aside from the last boss. Dashing, running, and basic movements worked really well. I can’t complain about those! My main complaint is the final boss stage is kinda annoying, the dodge just doesn’t seem to work, it’s either a flawed bug… Or it is the way the camera transitions? There has been others have also experienced this problem.

That being said, I don’t hate the game. I find that end part to be kind of frustrating. Everything else works really well, and the games runs very fluid.

Features: Street pass is very unique. Street pass allows you to collect new bonus content that’s exclusive to this version. I like the included “feature” being able to see other people’s progression stats, from the main story. Thought it was a pretty nice feature.

Online versus mode, is a fun racing experience! Pitting your speed against a stranger, or against a friend. Nice competitive gameplay mode to test your skills to.

There is also a collection feature. Which includes events, art, music, and models. You can unlock these through casual play.

Time attack mode for those who want to beat there fastest time, and yes there is rankings too! Which can fun to compare with your friends and other players.

Summary: All in all this is truly amazing! from the eye candy graphics to the ear pleasing sound, a sonic game to be proud of! The one we have been waiting for. So different to the 360/PS3/PC versions, yet equally fun! After my experience with it, I’m proud to give it a rating of 7.5/10 A Sonic game worthy of being in your handheld collection!


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