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Final Fantasy Type-0 English patch coming soon!

Yes my fellow Final Fantasy fans out there, believe it or not but we are getting extremely closer to the release of the English patch. It’s currently in it’s beta phase at this present moment, and almost complete too! The latest update was posted on the 15th of February:

  • Project’s State
  • RomHacking: 100%
  • Graphic translation: 96%
  • Story script: 100%
  • Secondary text: 100%
  • Videos: 25%

The project started some time ago by a 23 year old college student, who goes by the name of SkyBladeCloud or simply “Sky”. He has been painstakingly working on this patch for quite some time now, and has almost reached completion.

He’s currently going through a whole stress test, completing the game multiple times and checking over every error. So that goes for translating mistakes, coding errors and stability overall of the game.

Another nice bit of news, was PPSSPP has updated their PSPemu. It now can run games over the limit of it’s initial 2gb file size. FF Type-0 goes over that limit at a 2.39gb! For those of you wanting to run it on your PSP/PSPgo, please make sure you have an updated CFW & It’s running Inferno.

He has released a pretty basic tutorial on his blog on how to merge the two ISO’s as one (Game will have to be either imported or got by other means or you simply check out his blog).

Tools you’ll need:

In order to create the unified ISO, you’ll need:

  • Type-0 UMD (choose one of them: This means either UMD1 or 2 as the game comes on two UMD’s).
  • Type-0 Merging Files.
  • UMDGen.

How to merge the files can be located here, on sky’s blog.

And now after all that is done it’s time to play the waiting game. Which should be right round the corner! Couple of weeks or even a few months, I’ll keep you all updated. But I cans say personally I’m very excited about this release, not only have I been wanting to play this game with huge anticipation but I also adore the music of this game, It’s really beautiful. I recommend people to check out it’s wonderful soundtrack on wherever you can find it, personally I’ve listened to it on YouTube.

A big well done to Sky for his wonderful work and all the people involved in this project, you’ve certainly made fans extremely excited about this



My first taste of gaming

So I’ve always wondered where most people started in the gaming world, Some started in their childhood, others in their adult years, heck even some when they hit elderly status. For me it started at the tender age of three my brothers had this rectangular looking keyboard hybrid with a cassette attachment and on loading a game I was mesmerized at the screeching & beeping sounds and crazy flashes it did, probably seizure inducing but it was awesome. I was amazed and shocked never had I seen anything like it and what I was getting myself into, thus beginning my journey into gaming world.

One day my brothers where setting up this huge plastic thing as I thought of it back then, and curious I asked what they where doing, being in the way as a kid I got told to watch out or move or the occasional go away, but me being me I was determined I needed to know so I did what I knew best moaned and groaned and the classic words ‘I’m telling mom!‘  being a kid was frustrating looking back on it. Anyway getting back on track they just looked at me in a gaze that could turn people to stone and then came out the words, this little guy is known as a video games system and it’s name is a Spectrum (ZX Spectrum +2), me still had no idea what they where talking about was still intrigued.

As they started with the boot up I was amazed! This day in age if I was to sit there waiting for one of these games to load I’d flip! The loading was awful on these and it just shows you how far we have come in the gaming world. Games that load up though with the screechy sounds, the random beeps and flashy line backgrounds gives me that very nostalgic feel, those feelings are fantastic. So a couple of days later after watching my brothers play different games I asked if I could play, my older brother said yes, to my surprise I was overjoyed, my brother grabbed this game which had a little kid on a bike throwing newspapers. The game as most should know as Paperboy. Upon starting this game I had no idea what I was doing riding along the street throwing newspapers randomly and getting knocked down by the various pedestrians and obstacles in my way. I became annoyed and back then I had it bad, but with my brother helping me out I slowly but surely started to get better.

I learned you needed to deliver the newspapers to certain houses and avoid the obstacles better and learn their basic pattern, the ending to the levels were fun a little obstacle course, hitting targets and flying over ramps is a nice breather from delivering all those newspapers and gives a shine of success, to be honest could you blame me I was three years old! Now I did play a range of other games but this is the one that stuck out to me and it’s the one that I always think of when I think back to when I got my first taste of gaming it’s amazing how far gaming has come but there is nothing like that good old nostalgic feeling of the younger days now I have played this as an adult and it’s still pretty enjoyable still you can see it was a very basic game but most games are even to this day, but Paperboy will forever hold a special places in my heart. After all we all have to start from somewhere don’t we? It’s been a pleasure to share a little of my venture into the gaming universe, bye for now.


Darksiders & Red Faction Collections releasing next month

Always wanted to get into the Darksiders games or the Red Faction games, better yet both? Well good news, next month Nordic Games has announced that it both series’s will be getting their own collection and a stated to be released next month! The Packs will be available to PC, PS3 & Xbox 360.

The Darksiders Collection will feature both games, along with the Abyssal Forge and Belial’s DLC.

The Red Faction Collection will feature Guerrilla and Armageddon, along with the Path of War DLC. If you decide to pick up the PC version of the game, it will come with Red Faction 2.

I reckon these are some nice collections and if it’s a very cheap price point, they will sell well. Both packs boast some very awesome games. I, myself is a big fan of Darksiders and I patiently wait for a third one, I’m sure Nordic Games Have something planned, heck maybe if they sell enough or even if it doesn’t but earns them some for of profit. It could lead to maybe a sequel to one of the franchises!

Fantastic games, so if you haven’t picked these up yet and are wanting to try them out in a nice collection, keep your eyes peeled, due out next month, 14th of March.


Final Fantasy XIV release & Beta information for PS4

For all you Final Fantasy XIV fans out there, some fantastic news has arrived. Square-Enix has released information on the released date, beta phase dates & Features, It will include for the PS4 version of the game. The release date is sheduled for release on the 14th of April, as before on PS3 and PC there will be a Standard & Collector’s edition available on launch.

Check out the amazing trailer which can be viewed here.

Collector’s edition will contain:

  • A free 30 day trial to get you started on your adventure into Eorzea. (also included in the Standard version of the game).
  • An exclusive box containing art work specifically for the Collector’s Edition version of the game.
  • A fantastic well made art book, featuring lot’s of wonderful landscapes, as well as character and weapons designs.
  • Seventh Umbral Era Special Movie Content Disc : The Waning of the Sixth Sun.
  • Soundtrack containing a collection of amazing music from the game.
  • Collective art cards, featuring some beautiful designs.
  • Security authenticator to give you that extra protection for your account.


Digital content included in the Collector’s Edition:

  • Fat Chocobo Mount, so you can ride around and show off your mount to friends.
  • Wind-Up Moogle Minion, a friendly companion that follows you around on your adventures.
  • Helm of Light, from one of the Heroes of Light and gives you some nice boosts to help you level up, as you reach a certain level.
  • Baby Behemoth Minion, A smaller version of a behemoth which will accompany you on your adventures
  • Coeurl Mount, another mount for traveling. A huge and fast mount which looks really awesome.
  • Behemoth Barding, some fierce looking armour for you to equip your Chocobo with.

So if you haven’t got this game yet and where simply waiting on the PS4 release, well now is your chance to get this on pre-order! Plus as an additional bonus PS3 users who already own the game will be able to upgrade to the PS4 version for FREE!


Beta phase dates and info:

  • Phase one, will start on the 22nd of Feb and end on the 3rd of March.
  • Phase two, will start on the 4th of April and end on the 7th of April.
  • Times will be standard Japanese times, assumed for all dates included.
  • It will be available to all who have access to a PS4 and are able to download it from the PS Store.
  • There will be a character wipe after phase one.
  • Phase two, you’ll be able to carry over your character to the retail version of the game.
  • PS3 & PC users will be able to transfer character data over to the PS4 release. (please note that this is only necessary for the beta — in the retail version, all players will play on the same servers).


Exclusive Features for PS4:

  • Upgraded graphics in full glorious 1080p, as well as the ability to take HD screen shots in-game!
  • PS Vita remote play, for you to explore the world of Earozea on the move.
  • Game streaming and screen shot sharing through the PS4 system.
  • Full mouse & Keyboard support, for all you PC lovers and KB&M enthusiasts!
  • Touch pad support, for easier navigation and item selections.


PS3 to PS4 Transfer:

The transfer is scheduled to take place on Friday, April 11th. It has been stated that once you’ve transferred your account from the PS3 version to the PS4 version, you’ll be be unable to use your PS3 version of the game. So if you are wanting to have access to the PS3 version as well as the PS4 version, you’ll be better off buying the PS4 version separate, but if you’re not that bothered then the PS3 to PS4 version transfer will not bother you. If you have multiple service  accounts on the PS3 version they will also be transferred to the PS4 version and you will also gain early access scheduled for the 11th to 13th of April. (also noted to transfer your PS3 account over to PS4, you must have logged into it at least once on your PS3 system).


Additional thoughts: I’m pretty excited about it, not only is it another game for my PS4, but an awesome MMORPG that has some breath taking scenery, beautiful music and a pretty solid and near perfect UI and controls, along with it a really nice storyline to go with it. This is one of my games of 2013 and to play it on PS4 in all it’s glory is a must. Mount your Chocobo’s, Equip your weapon of choice and let’s get ready for the adventures in Eorzea on PS4.


Make sure to Pre-Order the game here.