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Ramuh is coming to Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv ramuh concept


News sweeps the land of Eorzea, The lord of levin and arbiter of destruction is heading his way in FFXIV‘s latest patch. Exciting news and even more content from Square-Enix!

Other additional content are:

  • 3 New dungeons: Hullbreaker Isle, Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard mode) & Stone Vigil (Hard mode)
  • New feature: Item Desynthesis, a new feature that allows players to break down their unwanted and needed items. Allowing them to turn it into crafting materials.
  • New system: Daily hunts.
  • Continuation of the Zodiac weapons questline.

I’m looking forward to see how these new dungeons play out, and I wonder how they will differ from Normal Mode. I’m also really looking forward to checking the new Dungeon out and seeing if it has new surprises.

The daily hunts are really getting me interested, and I look forward to seeing more on this. Are they going to be some sort of continuation on the Hunters log? as the title states ‘Daily’ So could we be hunting some specific enemies from certain duties? It’d be nice to have something like that, like go fight Diabolos and get some Gil, Grand Company Seals or EXP depending on level.

The new feature is quite nice for those with unwanted items, and are wanting to turn it into ssome nice crafting materials. Me, myself still needs to delve into crafting more. For those who are deep into this, and are just getting unwanted stuff from dungeons runs can in turn, break it down and get more from it.

Now the Zodiac weapons, I’m currently in the midst of myself. I have got my Atma weapon, which was a huge grind but I did it. I’m onto my Animus weapon, which is also a grind… Grabbing Myth tombs to buy books to unlock a stat is quite time consuming. Not only do you have to grind dungeons over and over to actually get the tombs, but once you get the actual book you have to do more FATES, Leve Quests and dungeon runs as well as fighting random enemies in specific spots. So, I’d like to see some more of a balance to this and I’m somewhat frightened/excited to see how this will be extended after Animus.

The main thing that has me excited about this whole patch is Ramuh, one of my fave summons from Final Fantasy VII, he’s also in other titles such as FFIII, IV, V, VI & IX. I think he also appears in Final Fantasy XI? I’m not sure as I have not had a lot of experience with that one and didn’t really take to it. I look forward to see how his role as a Primal fits into FFXIV. I look forward to the whole strategy he has behind him, the story he brings to the fray as well as seeing an awesome battle. The thing I look forward to most is the AoE’s (Area of Effect) and his off hand attacks as well as his main cast which I can only assume is Judgement Bolt.

That being said another awesome addition to FFXIV and yet more amazing content for an awesome MMORPG. I look forward to future patch’s. More Primals, more quests and more dungeons. I also look forward to an expansion and a raise in the level cap!