P.T. Demo thoughts and reveal

Hello there fellow hoomans! I’ve played through the nice little Preview Teaser of “Silent Hills” I will admit first, I did not finish it as I’m still stuck on the final puzzle!

So, thoughts. At first glance it doesn’t seem that bad, as it begins you find yourself in a room. Alone. as you wander through you find a door that will appear to be open, your only natural reaction is to continue through this door! You will then find yourself back where you started! Or is it?

As you progress through further and further it throws at you various puzzles, and a deep eery creep factor! I will admit some games do have a slight jump factor, this however seemed to scare quite a lot haha (after all that’s its intention).

Now, I don’t want to fully go into what is what, and what is which!  I feel like you should experience this for yourself. I enjoyed what I played.

Now I found the puzzles very clever and thought out, the whole point of a puzzle is to make you work to solve it! Not an easy weak puzzle that lasts two seconds, and this fits in SH’s universe perfectly. Also Kojimas intention was to see how long it would take people to solve. Some people solved them right away, some people however (like myself) struggled on the last puzzle.

Is the last puzzle frustrating? To me no it wasn’t. I like a good puzzle, not some stupidly easy puzzle that holds your hand. but then again that is me, and that is my opinion on it!

Others have felt frustration on it, and I can probably understand why. They don’t like going through it time, and time again. They want to be out of there, they’ve had enough of the scares, or they are pressed for time, and that can build frustration.

Me? I like to take things slow, and absorb information. Take everything into account! You’re not stupid for taking awhile on a puzzle, you’re just observing the situation and tackling it your way! I will say this however, welcome back Silent Hill! You’ve been sadly missed.

The most impressive thing about this Demo, was how it was released. Silently announcing (no pun intended) “Silent Hills” The game was also downgraded a lot too, the fox engine is very impressive. He had to downscale, and add filters to the game as well as purposely run it at 30fps, and also downgrade the gameplay too! He also used a random background picture, a nice little hint for the studio name, and P.T as it’s title, he wanted people to think it was an indie developed game. Dedication!

I can’t wait for the full release of this, especially since the Silent Hill series has been subpar for me since the 4th game (Not played Downpour yet). I did however enjoy Origins, that was a great game.

Silent Hill has needed a fresh take on it, and what better way than to have Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro working on it, and grabbing Norman Reedus as it’s star! Also to be stated, Kojima ain’t gunna be holding back on this either, he wants you to “shit your pants” Be warned. Go grab the DEMO now, it’s on PS4.

Go check out Kojima’s Q&A on P.T. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed me rambling on.


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