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Ever wanted to play Dark Souls 2 in First Person?

Dark Souls

Welcome all Dark Souls enthusiasts, the day has finally come where someone, somewhere has finally made the exact mod we all wanted to try.

Benzoin-Gum shows the amazing mod in action, and how immersive in my opinion it will be. Now this mod is only early stages, and will have some issues. It does show a lot of potential! Especially for an early mod.

Donned as the “King’s Field” mod and for good reason too, but do you remember the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition First Person Mode? It was cool, and interesting! but worked horribly at the same time. Here’s VaatiVidya’s take on it.

These are the known issues:

  • There is a few clipping issues
  • FoV seems a little off but with a little tweak can be “fixed”
  • Because this essentially uses the cheat engine, it’s a use at your own risk mod (Could risk a ban) But as far as I, and people have known that is a worst case scenario. It likely won’t happen anytime soon…
  • Character movement is not 100% aligned, nothing hugely major but moving forward seems to be the best bet.
  • Using things like the bow, and of course the¬†binoculars are known to cause issues.
  • Cutscenes, and loading screens also may cause issues, but simply rerun the mod, and job is a good ‘en.
  • May or may not work with Windows 8

So far pretty exciting, and I look forward to how this comes together in the future (In terms of issues and bug fixes). This is why I love the modding community, bringing us content that the developers don’t. (Not that that’s a bad thing, it gets peoples creative juices flowing).