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Ever wanted to play Dark Souls 2 in First Person?

Dark Souls

Welcome all Dark Souls enthusiasts, the day has finally come where someone, somewhere has finally made the exact mod we all wanted to try.

Benzoin-Gum shows the amazing mod in action, and how immersive in my opinion it will be. Now this mod is only early stages, and will have some issues. It does show a lot of potential! Especially for an early mod.

Donned as the “King’s Field” mod and for good reason too, but do you remember the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition First Person Mode? It was cool, and interesting! but worked horribly at the same time. Here’s VaatiVidya’s take on it.

These are the known issues:

  • There is a few clipping issues
  • FoV seems a little off but with a little tweak can be “fixed”
  • Because this essentially uses the cheat engine, it’s a use at your own risk mod (Could risk a ban) But as far as I, and people have known that is a worst case scenario. It likely won’t happen anytime soon…
  • Character movement is not 100% aligned, nothing hugely major but moving forward seems to be the best bet.
  • Using things like the bow, and of course the binoculars are known to cause issues.
  • Cutscenes, and loading screens also may cause issues, but simply rerun the mod, and job is a good ‘en.
  • May or may not work with Windows 8

So far pretty exciting, and I look forward to how this comes together in the future (In terms of issues and bug fixes). This is why I love the modding community, bringing us content that the developers don’t. (Not that that’s a bad thing, it gets peoples creative juices flowing).


P.T. Demo thoughts and reveal

Hello there fellow hoomans! I’ve played through the nice little Preview Teaser of “Silent Hills” I will admit first, I did not finish it as I’m still stuck on the final puzzle!

So, thoughts. At first glance it doesn’t seem that bad, as it begins you find yourself in a room. Alone. as you wander through you find a door that will appear to be open, your only natural reaction is to continue through this door! You will then find yourself back where you started! Or is it?

As you progress through further and further it throws at you various puzzles, and a deep eery creep factor! I will admit some games do have a slight jump factor, this however seemed to scare quite a lot haha (after all that’s its intention).

Now, I don’t want to fully go into what is what, and what is which!  I feel like you should experience this for yourself. I enjoyed what I played.

Now I found the puzzles very clever and thought out, the whole point of a puzzle is to make you work to solve it! Not an easy weak puzzle that lasts two seconds, and this fits in SH’s universe perfectly. Also Kojimas intention was to see how long it would take people to solve. Some people solved them right away, some people however (like myself) struggled on the last puzzle.

Is the last puzzle frustrating? To me no it wasn’t. I like a good puzzle, not some stupidly easy puzzle that holds your hand. but then again that is me, and that is my opinion on it!

Others have felt frustration on it, and I can probably understand why. They don’t like going through it time, and time again. They want to be out of there, they’ve had enough of the scares, or they are pressed for time, and that can build frustration.

Me? I like to take things slow, and absorb information. Take everything into account! You’re not stupid for taking awhile on a puzzle, you’re just observing the situation and tackling it your way! I will say this however, welcome back Silent Hill! You’ve been sadly missed.

The most impressive thing about this Demo, was how it was released. Silently announcing (no pun intended) “Silent Hills” The game was also downgraded a lot too, the fox engine is very impressive. He had to downscale, and add filters to the game as well as purposely run it at 30fps, and also downgrade the gameplay too! He also used a random background picture, a nice little hint for the studio name, and P.T as it’s title, he wanted people to think it was an indie developed game. Dedication!

I can’t wait for the full release of this, especially since the Silent Hill series has been subpar for me since the 4th game (Not played Downpour yet). I did however enjoy Origins, that was a great game.

Silent Hill has needed a fresh take on it, and what better way than to have Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro working on it, and grabbing Norman Reedus as it’s star! Also to be stated, Kojima ain’t gunna be holding back on this either, he wants you to “shit your pants” Be warned. Go grab the DEMO now, it’s on PS4.

Go check out Kojima’s Q&A on P.T. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed me rambling on.

Ramuh is coming to Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv ramuh concept


News sweeps the land of Eorzea, The lord of levin and arbiter of destruction is heading his way in FFXIV‘s latest patch. Exciting news and even more content from Square-Enix!

Other additional content are:

  • 3 New dungeons: Hullbreaker Isle, Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard mode) & Stone Vigil (Hard mode)
  • New feature: Item Desynthesis, a new feature that allows players to break down their unwanted and needed items. Allowing them to turn it into crafting materials.
  • New system: Daily hunts.
  • Continuation of the Zodiac weapons questline.

I’m looking forward to see how these new dungeons play out, and I wonder how they will differ from Normal Mode. I’m also really looking forward to checking the new Dungeon out and seeing if it has new surprises.

The daily hunts are really getting me interested, and I look forward to seeing more on this. Are they going to be some sort of continuation on the Hunters log? as the title states ‘Daily’ So could we be hunting some specific enemies from certain duties? It’d be nice to have something like that, like go fight Diabolos and get some Gil, Grand Company Seals or EXP depending on level.

The new feature is quite nice for those with unwanted items, and are wanting to turn it into ssome nice crafting materials. Me, myself still needs to delve into crafting more. For those who are deep into this, and are just getting unwanted stuff from dungeons runs can in turn, break it down and get more from it.

Now the Zodiac weapons, I’m currently in the midst of myself. I have got my Atma weapon, which was a huge grind but I did it. I’m onto my Animus weapon, which is also a grind… Grabbing Myth tombs to buy books to unlock a stat is quite time consuming. Not only do you have to grind dungeons over and over to actually get the tombs, but once you get the actual book you have to do more FATES, Leve Quests and dungeon runs as well as fighting random enemies in specific spots. So, I’d like to see some more of a balance to this and I’m somewhat frightened/excited to see how this will be extended after Animus.

The main thing that has me excited about this whole patch is Ramuh, one of my fave summons from Final Fantasy VII, he’s also in other titles such as FFIII, IV, V, VI & IX. I think he also appears in Final Fantasy XI? I’m not sure as I have not had a lot of experience with that one and didn’t really take to it. I look forward to see how his role as a Primal fits into FFXIV. I look forward to the whole strategy he has behind him, the story he brings to the fray as well as seeing an awesome battle. The thing I look forward to most is the AoE’s (Area of Effect) and his off hand attacks as well as his main cast which I can only assume is Judgement Bolt.

That being said another awesome addition to FFXIV and yet more amazing content for an awesome MMORPG. I look forward to future patch’s. More Primals, more quests and more dungeons. I also look forward to an expansion and a raise in the level cap!



Darksiders & Red Faction Collections releasing next month

Always wanted to get into the Darksiders games or the Red Faction games, better yet both? Well good news, next month Nordic Games has announced that it both series’s will be getting their own collection and a stated to be released next month! The Packs will be available to PC, PS3 & Xbox 360.

The Darksiders Collection will feature both games, along with the Abyssal Forge and Belial’s DLC.

The Red Faction Collection will feature Guerrilla and Armageddon, along with the Path of War DLC. If you decide to pick up the PC version of the game, it will come with Red Faction 2.

I reckon these are some nice collections and if it’s a very cheap price point, they will sell well. Both packs boast some very awesome games. I, myself is a big fan of Darksiders and I patiently wait for a third one, I’m sure Nordic Games Have something planned, heck maybe if they sell enough or even if it doesn’t but earns them some for of profit. It could lead to maybe a sequel to one of the franchises!

Fantastic games, so if you haven’t picked these up yet and are wanting to try them out in a nice collection, keep your eyes peeled, due out next month, 14th of March.


Final Fantasy XIV release & Beta information for PS4

For all you Final Fantasy XIV fans out there, some fantastic news has arrived. Square-Enix has released information on the released date, beta phase dates & Features, It will include for the PS4 version of the game. The release date is sheduled for release on the 14th of April, as before on PS3 and PC there will be a Standard & Collector’s edition available on launch.

Check out the amazing trailer which can be viewed here.

Collector’s edition will contain:

  • A free 30 day trial to get you started on your adventure into Eorzea. (also included in the Standard version of the game).
  • An exclusive box containing art work specifically for the Collector’s Edition version of the game.
  • A fantastic well made art book, featuring lot’s of wonderful landscapes, as well as character and weapons designs.
  • Seventh Umbral Era Special Movie Content Disc : The Waning of the Sixth Sun.
  • Soundtrack containing a collection of amazing music from the game.
  • Collective art cards, featuring some beautiful designs.
  • Security authenticator to give you that extra protection for your account.


Digital content included in the Collector’s Edition:

  • Fat Chocobo Mount, so you can ride around and show off your mount to friends.
  • Wind-Up Moogle Minion, a friendly companion that follows you around on your adventures.
  • Helm of Light, from one of the Heroes of Light and gives you some nice boosts to help you level up, as you reach a certain level.
  • Baby Behemoth Minion, A smaller version of a behemoth which will accompany you on your adventures
  • Coeurl Mount, another mount for traveling. A huge and fast mount which looks really awesome.
  • Behemoth Barding, some fierce looking armour for you to equip your Chocobo with.

So if you haven’t got this game yet and where simply waiting on the PS4 release, well now is your chance to get this on pre-order! Plus as an additional bonus PS3 users who already own the game will be able to upgrade to the PS4 version for FREE!


Beta phase dates and info:

  • Phase one, will start on the 22nd of Feb and end on the 3rd of March.
  • Phase two, will start on the 4th of April and end on the 7th of April.
  • Times will be standard Japanese times, assumed for all dates included.
  • It will be available to all who have access to a PS4 and are able to download it from the PS Store.
  • There will be a character wipe after phase one.
  • Phase two, you’ll be able to carry over your character to the retail version of the game.
  • PS3 & PC users will be able to transfer character data over to the PS4 release. (please note that this is only necessary for the beta — in the retail version, all players will play on the same servers).


Exclusive Features for PS4:

  • Upgraded graphics in full glorious 1080p, as well as the ability to take HD screen shots in-game!
  • PS Vita remote play, for you to explore the world of Earozea on the move.
  • Game streaming and screen shot sharing through the PS4 system.
  • Full mouse & Keyboard support, for all you PC lovers and KB&M enthusiasts!
  • Touch pad support, for easier navigation and item selections.


PS3 to PS4 Transfer:

The transfer is scheduled to take place on Friday, April 11th. It has been stated that once you’ve transferred your account from the PS3 version to the PS4 version, you’ll be be unable to use your PS3 version of the game. So if you are wanting to have access to the PS3 version as well as the PS4 version, you’ll be better off buying the PS4 version separate, but if you’re not that bothered then the PS3 to PS4 version transfer will not bother you. If you have multiple service  accounts on the PS3 version they will also be transferred to the PS4 version and you will also gain early access scheduled for the 11th to 13th of April. (also noted to transfer your PS3 account over to PS4, you must have logged into it at least once on your PS3 system).


Additional thoughts: I’m pretty excited about it, not only is it another game for my PS4, but an awesome MMORPG that has some breath taking scenery, beautiful music and a pretty solid and near perfect UI and controls, along with it a really nice storyline to go with it. This is one of my games of 2013 and to play it on PS4 in all it’s glory is a must. Mount your Chocobo’s, Equip your weapon of choice and let’s get ready for the adventures in Eorzea on PS4.


Make sure to Pre-Order the game here.